Founded in 2017, Brookfield Tube Audio is the brainchild of Reuben Hopkins.  Reuben has spent the majority of his professional career working as a technician in the entertainment industry, (primarily as a live sound engineer). He has always enjoyed tinkering with electronics, and has also been a keen musician. When life circumstances conspired to put an end to touring as a live sound engineer he decided to combine aspects of the entertainment industry, music, and electronics tinkering, and created Brookfield Tube Audio. 

Since those life circumstances have settled sufficiently, Brookfield Tube Audio have been doing repair and service work, and custom one off builds, whilst prototyping and developing a number of circuits and concepts with which to launch their own line of hand made, Australian boutique amps. As of early July 2019 we have several models available for order, with several more in the pipeline.

Whilst we do build a small number of amps for sale as stock items, the majority of our amps are built to order. This allows us to be flexible with aesthetic choices, and also with some circuit features, to make sure you get the amp that YOU want.



Reuben Hopkins

Head Honcho


A keen musician, tinkerer, sound engineer and creator of Brookfield Tube Audio. Reuben spent the better part of 20 years working in various aspects of arts production (primarily , but not solely as a sound engineer). In 2018 he took on the role of single parent for his then 7 year old son, and the touring and arts technician hours simply had to stop. Brookfield Tube Audio combines many of Reuben's interests in one place, allowing him the freedom to continue working in an area he loves, whilst also being able to support his son.